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Tina's Lotus Birth Kits are made with nature in mind. They are Earthy and easy to use with her own personal touch - staying true to her intentions and art. These Lotus Birth Kits are enhanced with vibrational healing sounds to bring in the most beautiful healing energy for you and your baby post birth.



1 x handmade lotus bag

1 x 150gram lotus herb mix

2 x large 60cm x 60cm terry towel

10 x organic teabags 

Lotus Birth Kit


    • The lotus bag is SUPER easy to use.

    • The bag expands wide to place placenta in.

    • This allows easy access to put salt and herbs on top and pull the draw string to close bag up leaving enough room for the umbilical cord to move freely.

    • The long drawstring creates a handle for you to move the lotus bag easily around with no issue or tie up in a bow.

    • The outside and inside of the lotus bag is cotton fabric for it to be breathable and light.




    • 150 grams of organic herbal blend for your lotus birth.

    • Sage, calendula and blue lotus. All organic. This mix can change depending on what is growing and harvesting in my garden.

    • The Lotus Birth herbs are enhanced with the Vibrational Sound "Accepting love" which communicates with your body on a cellular level to accept all the love for you and your baby whilst the placenta receives love too so that it feels safe during its final stage on Earth and leaves feeling safe and secure.

    • This mix truly keeps any smell at bay. Simple yet very powerful.

    I ensure you will receive enough to use during your lotus birth plus some to keep after to utilize to brew either as a herbal tea or healing bath soak post birth.

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