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Ramona Fisher

Private Midwife

Organic Midwifery


0451 452 805



House of Health Moonee Valley

18 Young Street, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039


  • Bachelor of Midwifery – Registered Endorsed Midwife

  • Certified Internal Release Work Practitioner

  • Certified Acuneedling Midwife

  • Certified Tapping for Birth Practitioner

A Bit About Me



My name is Ramona. I’m a homebirth midwife, owner of Organic Midwifery, an Internal Pelvic Release Work practitioner, certified midwife in Acuneedling, and a Tapping for Birth practitioner.

I’m also a proud mother of two adult daughters and an even prouder nanna of three amazing granddaughters! And I can’t forget about my two furbabies….

I was born in the USA, grew up moving all around the world, and settled in Melbourne 11 years ago.

Midwifery is my second career. I worked with children with special needs for over 13 years, before going back to university as a mature age student to finally peruse my dream of becoming a midwife. Practicing in the hospital system for 7 years, in a Midwifery Group Practice model of care, I moved into private practice in the beginning of 2022.

My passion is to support women and families who are choosing to birth at home, wanting holistic midwifery care in conjunction with their chosen place of birth, and offering alternative modalities to help women in their pregnancies, births and postnatal journeys.

As an Internal Pelvic Release Practitioner I work with the soft tissues of the internal pelvis, helping to create space in preparation for birth, aiding in healing from a traumatic birth, preparing for a birth after previous caesarean, supporting women with histories of vaginismus, vulvodynia or trauma, post-menopausal women or women curious to learn more about their bodies.

My work with Acuneedling helps support women with common pregnancy aliments, birth preparation, birth activation, breech presentation, support in the early postnatal period and much more.

Tapping for Birth works with the same meridian lines as in acupuncture and offers support for women working with fears or blocks around their upcoming births or motherhood journeys, recovering from a previous traumatic birthing experience, wanting to prepare for their dream births, or needing emotional support in anyway.

It is truly my honour to help women in any phase of their life’s journey, to help them become more educated and informed about themselves, and in turn become empowered to take control of their lives!

Services include:

  • Private Midwifery services including:

    • homebirth support, antenatal and postnatal support care, and shared care for antenatal care.

  • Internal Pelvic Release Work

  • Acuneedling

  • Tapping for Birth

Practitioner Hours & Fees

In Clinic Hours:

Tuesday: 1 pm - 7 pm

Midwifery Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7 am - 7 pm 

(On call for births: 24/7)

Service Areas:

Greater Melbourne Area including to Frankston, Geelong, and Macedon Ranges. Some areas incur a travel fee.

Private Midwifery Services


Homebirth support, antenatal and postnatal support care, and shared care for antenatal care. For more information and to enquire about price packages, please visit


Internal Pelvic Release Work


A 2hr session: $250


A 2 hour education and hands-on session includes a discussion on pelvic anatomy to support a woman’s knowledge of her pelvic space, pelvic bones and pelvic soft tissues.
An exploration and gentle release of tension in the soft tissue connections – ligaments, muscles, fascia – felt through the back wall of the vagina.
Guidance with ‘how to continue with self-care’ and further release work by the woman or with her partner’s support.
The 2 hour session also includes the sharing of other modes of releasing tension e.g. bum jiggling and techniques that cultivate balance within the pelvis and womb.


For more information & to book online click here. 



A 1hr session: $135


Not sure what acuneedling is or how it might be able to help you? Acuneedling is acupuncture by a midwife — specifically for pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. It is a safe and gentle treatment that has been used as part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


For more information & to book online click here. 


Tapping for Birth:


A 1hr in person session: $135


There are countless ways that tapping can be used to prepare for labour and birth.

This is so effective because we know that birth is an emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual journey as much as it is a physical process. To be more clear: birth is a completely embodied process, but it's impacted on every level by the mind and emotions.

So anything we do that impacts the mental, emotional, or energetic level can influence the physical birth. This means that tapping can be powerful medicine when preparing for labour and birth.


For more information & to book online click here. 

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