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Tina West

Lotus Birth, Vibrational Sound Healing, Reiki,

Art Workshops & Mothers Blessings


0456 846 121



House of Health Moonee Valley

18 Young Street, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039


Certified Vibrational Sounds Healing Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt

A Bit About Me

Tina began her holistic journey at the very young age of 20. After a very traumatic childhood and harsh adolescence, Tina knew that life could take her two ways and she chose the route of self discovery and healing. Choosing this path has shown her that growth is a never ending journey, and even though the journey is not always a bowl of cherries, the amazing benefits of working on yourself to achieve little and big goals is both motivating and life changing and this is what guided her to helping others heal from their trauma's to live a best possible life.

Tina West started her holistic studies back in 2011 and since then has been offering her modalites to clients worldwide.Studying under Sheila Kennedy (, she has been certified as a Vibrational Sound Healing practitioner and Reiki Master. Tina works with cellular memory to align the body's energetic fields and to release unwanted trauma from the cellular memory.


Creating is another of her passions, and Tina has been selling her artworks for over 5 years specialising in creating artworks using real nature. Tina will be offering art workshops for those who want to learn how to use intuition and energy when creating their very own piece of art.


As an advocate for Lotus Birth, which is leaving the placenta and cord attached to the baby to naturally detach in its own time, is one of Tina's passions. She has written an ebook called, "A Lotus Birth" which goes into the depth of the benefits of the Lotus Birth practice. 

Besides work, Tina trains in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the last 10 years, and has competed on world stages and assisted in Life Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu camps in the U.S.A where she also worked with athletes to optimise their athletic abilities using holistic modalities such as Vibrational Sound Healing. Tina continues to work with athletes via The Athletes Sports Bag which she is the co-founder alongside her teacher Sheila Kennedy.

As a mother, wife and everything else, Tina is a very multifaceted being that loves sharing her passions and assisting others to become happy and healthy.


* Tina lives in regional Victoria and will be seeing clients at our clinic every last weekend of every month alongside a workshop or/and mother blessings. Most of her services are available via correspondence/distant.


If you are after a mother blessings on another weekend, Tina will do her best to work with you on a date that fits. 

Services include:

  • Vibrational Sound Healing

  • Reiki & Beyond

  • Mumma & Bubba Reiki

  • Lotus Birth

  • The Mother Is Nature Art Workshops

  • The Wise Woman Broomstick Workshop

  • Children's Nature Art Workshop

  • Mother's Blessings

Tina Book Online

Practitioner Hours & Fees

For Virtual Appointments:

Saturday 10.30 am - 12.30 pm

Sunday 9 am - 12 pm


For In Clinic Appointments:

The last Saturday of each month

7am - 12.30 pm



Nature Art Workshops will usually run on the last Sunday of each month

9.45 am - 1pm

Mother's Blessings will run on the last Sunday of each month, please contact me for a time.

Reiki & Beyond

Do you feel disconnected and sluggish? Do you want to feel restored and aligned?

A Reiki & Beyond session will help you to feel aligned and balanced by rejuvenating and activating your chakras whilst giving your mind, body and soul an energetic boost.

The "Beyond" part in this session are the healing sounds Tina will play to help the reiki session to intensify the energetic healing process.

Available in person and distantly.  30 minutes $50, 60 minutes $100.


Mumma & Bubba Reiki

Do you want to bring the healing of reiki energy to you and your little one as well?
This is for Mumma's who are pregnant, have babies and any age children that want to feel rebalanced, and rejuvenated as a unit in the comfort of their own home. Tina will intention a Vibrational healing sound program and reiki energy to the nominated individuals to receive this reiki healing. You and your baby/children do not need to be asleep, lying down or not doing anything whilst Tina works distantly as it will work no matter what. Distant session only. 1 hour session $100  


Vibrational Sound Healing  

Do you feel like your body is not working to its full capacity? Are you feeling disconnected or ungrounded? Do you want to feel less tired and more motivated?

Are you feeling like you are carrying a backpack full of bricks that you're ready to let go of? This session works to align your body, meridians and auric fields using vibrational healing sounds so that you feel lighter, clearer mind and energised. The Vibrational sounds work with cellular memory, removing blockages and trauma by using frequencies, words and sound to instruct the body to restore itself to its optimal health and wellbeing. Available in person and distantly.

1.5 hour session $335 with take home vibrational sounds to continue the healing at home.  

Lotus Birth

Are you a birth worker, midwife, doula or mother to be that is wanting to know more about Lotus Birth?

The Lotus Birth practice is leaving the umbilical cord and placenta attached to baby until it naturally disconnects when it is right and proper for the baby and placenta. 

This way it allows them to finalise their journey together in their own time and allowing the energetics of both baby and placenta to be completed without any sudden disturbances. 

Tina's Lotus Birth service offers you a 15 minute chat to answer any and all questions about this practice that she is so passionate about. Tina's ebook "A Lotus Birth" (valued at $17) and a Lotus birth kit which includes placenta bag, herbs and towels (valued at $99) is also included.  Available in person or via correspondence/distant. $95

The Mother Is Nature Art Workshop

Welcome to 'The Mother Is Nature Workshop' where you can create your very own Mother Is Nature artwork using REAL NATURE such as bark, leaves, flowers and much more, even crystals.

Do you want to create a forever artwork that resembles the amazing innate nature of a mother?

Do you want to step into a well-supported space and enjoy the active meditation of art?

At the end of this workshop, you will have your very own Mother Is Nature artwork that YOU created and can be proud of.

This workshop is BEGINNER friendly, ran by Tina West, who is the creator of The Mother Is Nature, artist and holistic practitioner.

What is included?

A NEW Hot glue gun that YOU will take home with you is valued at $35 for you to create new artworks at home.

Canvas (60.9cm x 50.9cm) that Tina will outline the mother's body and baby for you to get ready to create when you arrive.

All products and materials to create the artwork.

Herbal tea and yummy goodies to eat.

PLUS, a bonus gift valued at $25

*Option of babies positioning for those who have given birth, if you had, for example, a breached babe*

Cost: $250 includes all of the above

Time: 10 am until 1 pm (arrive at 9:45am to begin at 10 am)

Open to just 6 participants ONLY per session.


For bookings, a 20% payment is needed to confirm your attendance.

Tina will give you the insight on what makes these works flow and look realistic and will answer all questions during the workshop. Do not worry about if you have never picked up a paint brush, or even a glue gun before, as this is beginner friendly and will be at a nice comfortable pace for you to take your time. Trying something new is what it is all about.

The Wise Woman Broomstick Workshop

As a symbol of being a "witch" which truly means "wise woman", this workshop is for those that would love to create their very own broomstick to hang in their home/other space to express their inner wise woman.


Made with real wood, beautiful foliage, flowers and other natural materials, this workshop will start with an intention, followed by a meditation before creating your forever wise woman keepsake.


What is included?


From materials, to food, to journals, the lot! 

All you need is to come along and enjoy the experience creating something that expresses your inner wise woman.

The size of the broomstick you will be making is 60cm long and ready to be hung as soon as you arrive home.

Cost: $150 per person

Time: 10am until 12pm

Included in the price is a gift valued at $25 and you will be taking home a goodie bag. 

For bookings, a $50 deposit is required to confirm your attendance.


Childrens Nature Art Workshop 

A Nature Art workshop that is beginner friendly for children of all ages, to come and learn how to create an artwork made from nature such as:


Flowers, Leaves, Bark, Feathers, Crystals & Shells. 


Glue guns to share and glue sticks and 20cm x 25cm cotton canvases all included. *adult supervision with glue guns required for younger attendees*.


This workshop is great for fostering parent and child connection, to create an artwork together, or children and adults to create their own.


Workshop cost includes all of the above for 1 hour. 


Cost is $30 per person creating a piece of art.

Mother Blessings 

Mothering the mother is so important and as a mother of 2, Tina understands how vital it is to honour each and every mother during such a precious time in their lives.

With the use of art, vibrational sounds, intention and meditation, Tina's mother blessings are for those wanting to honour the chosen mother during the blessing.


So how would a blessings look like with Tina?

•A welcoming circle and intention for the blessing

•Creating a 50cm x 60cm Mother Is Nature artwork each 

•Yummy food to keep mother energised and her circle too

•Meditation and sound healing to really connect to the mind, body and soul.

•Create a "Love jar" for the mumma with written loving and motivational words for the mother to pull out whenever she desires.


Total time of a mothers blessing with Tina is 4 hours.

Cost per person $275 with the mother being FREE.


The price includes all materials.


Each attendee will go home with:

An artwork and bonus goodies valued at $50.

The Mother will be going home with an artwork and goodies valued at $250.

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