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ZYWIE Birth Worker & Birth And Babe Shop





House of Health Moonee Valley

18 Young Street, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039


Closing of the Bones Postpartum Ritual & Rebozo Ayurvedic Post Partum Care Specialist in Training

Integrative Health Practitioner in Training

A Bit About Me

Hi! Thank you for visiting our page. My name is Cassandra and I am co-clinic owner of House of Health, and founder of Zywie & The Birth & Babe Shop.


My story begins 10 years ago when I graduated as a Podiatrist, but in fact, I think it actually begins when I was 5 years old. 

I remember being asked for the very first time what I wanted to be when I grew up. I confidently replied, "an Obstetrician." I was looked at skeptically..."Do you actually know what an Obstetrition is?" "Yes" I replied simply. "I'm going to deliver babies."

I was a young girl obsessed with anything baby and childbirth related. I would pretend to be pregnant by stuffing my doll under my dress, and pretend to breastfeed my 'baby'. I vividly remember being about 4 years old and secretly flipping through the pages of my mum's childbirth education textbooks, fascinated by the pictures showing child birth. As the years passed I slowly forgot about these things as I became distracted with school, friends, performing arts, pets and well, growing up. By the time I reached 18 and it was time to go to University, I knew I wanted a career in health care. Although I didn't apply for medicine, midwifery or obstetrics (it was forgotten/ off my radar at this point), I did go down the allied health route and became a qualified podiatrist instead. 

Working as a podiatrist has been and is an absolute pleasure. The skills I have developed, relationships I've formed and experiences I've had is something that I will never take for granted. I still love to practice podiatry and never expected that my career path may take an unexpected turn and expand- but here I find myself. 

After I became engaged to my now husband Jayden (and lovely clinic co-owner and Chiropractor here at House of Health), I knew that I wanted to start a family as soon as we were married. I had about 16 months to 'get myself ready' and so the journey of pre-conception began. What I didn't expect was the re-ignited passion that I had forgotten I had for pregnancy and childbirth. For almost 2 years I studied pregnancy and childbirth like I was completing a Master's degree. Every book, podcast, health professional - I consumed reputable content in every minute that I wasn't working as a Podiatrist. I read, listened, attended many appointments and did and learnt everything I could to support a healthy and natural conception, pregnancy and birth. What I was surprised to learn was how inadequate our current mainstream maternity system actually is, and how under educated women are when it comes to making informed decisions around our care options during this very special time in our lives. What I was extremely grateful to learn is there is a select group of practitioners, birth workers, midwives, educators and professionals out there who are advocating for women and their journey into and through Motherhood. I liased with these professionals, again absorbing everything I could learn from them. When the time came, we knew all of our options. We conceived easily, I had a blissful pregnancy and the home birth of my dreams. I had ensured that we had all the knowledge to best prepare us and empower us to make the best decisions for our family and journey. 

Post partum was something that I was completely unprepared for. It completely unraveled me. Besides the advice to 'fill up a freezer full of frozen meals' and 'sleep when baby sleeps', I was completely unprepared for the complete identity shift of becoming a mother. I was unprepared for the depletion my body would experience from lack of sleep and round the clock breastfeeding (it's been 14 months with no sign of stopping just yet). I wasn't feeling like I was coping, so I did what I do best- I began my research quest for answers. What I found was incredible education and support through the work of Dr. Oscar Serrallach and an incredibly knowledgeable Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula named Sarva who introduced me to the term Matrescence and met me exactly where I was in my journey. My passion again re-ignited and my inner voice getting louder- this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I signed up for Dr. Oscar's Post Natal Depletion program and Sarva's Ayurvedic Post Partum Care Specialist certification program which I am so excited to complete so I can start serving mothers in my local community, and meet and hold them where they are too.

I also recently completed training with Mexican Midwife, Wise Woman & Anthropologist Naoli Vinaver - in authentic Closing of The Bones Postpartum Ritual. I am so honoured to now be able to offer this service. 

Through ongoing education and workshops, I hope to now empower, support and share with other women my collection of experiences, stories, resources and contacts so that I am able to prepare you to have a beautiful journey during what I believe is one of the most special times in your life. Sharing the wise woman wisdom of our ancestors which seems to be lost in today's modern world where mothers are expected to raise children in isolation. 

I am also so excited to bring to you the Birth & Babe shop. A place where you will find everything you need for a natural pregnancy, birth and post partum support. 


Welcome to Zywie. Welcome to the Birth & Babe Shop. Welcome home to House of Health. 

Thank you for sharing your special journey with me, I am so honoured. 

Practitioner Hours & Fees

Birth & Babe Shop
Tuesday 9 am - 12 pm

Craft & Cacao Women's Circle
Thursday (monthly) 7 pm - 9.30 pm  

Craft & Cacao

On a New or Full Moon, we will sit in ceremony together, journal our intentions, meditate, drink cacao and enjoy a relaxing craft activity.
The purpose of Craft & Cacao is to connect with your heart; release your inner creativity and plant the seeds to manifest your desires using the Spirit of Cacao, and the energy of the group.

Price - $78

Coming soon:
  • Closing of the Bones Ceremony

  • Ayurvedic Post Partum Care

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