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Diabetic Foot Fundamentals

Join us for a 1 hour workshop to learn all the basics of how to take care of your feet if you have diabetes. 

Join our Podiatrist Cassandra for a 1 hour session at the clinic in Moonee Ponds.


We will be covering the basics of diabetic foot care and in this interactive session we will discuss:

- why blood circulation to the feet is important

- how diabetes effects blood circulation

- how a podiatrist tests blood circulation

- what to do if you have poor blood circulation

- why nerve function in the feet is important

- how diabetes can cause numbness, tingles, pain or loss of feeling in your feet

- how to manage if you've lost the feeling in your feet

- how to prevent diabetic foot ulcers or amputations

- how to take care of your skin 

- common skin conditions and how to treat them including fungal nails and tinea

- how to take care of your nails

- how to take care of your joints

- what to do if you have claw toes or bunions

- footwear recommendations and how to choose the right shoes for your feet

- how to choose the best socks for diabetes

- how to take care of cuts or injuries to the feet

- learn what a diabetic neurovascular assessment looks like with the podiatrist

..... and so much more!

If you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, or if you have had Diabetes for a long time but never had your feet checked, this workshop is for you. Cassandra is happy to answer all of your foot related questions and there will be the opportunity for participants to share their experiences with each other if they wish. This is a friendly, supportive and relaxed session to learn how to keep our feet healthy and not let Diabetes impact our quality of life.  

Light refreshments are provided and you are welcome to bring a partner, carer or support person free of charge. 

Session Cost: $25

Please use the online booking system below to find the next available workshop date. Limited places available in each workshop as group numbers are kept to a minimum.

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